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Long Running TLC Show 'What Not To Wear' Canceled

TLC’s longest running prime time show, What Not To Wear will not be renewed after this season’s end.  Premiering in 2003 the show launched the careers of fashion gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. The duo gave fashion advice to the fashionably-challenged helping them build a better wardrobe one insult at a time. Over it’s 10 year span on air What Not To Wear has given over 300 makeovers to both men and women.

In a statement released earlier today both hosts expressed how this cancellation is a bittersweet end to an incredible journey.

“This show changed me and the trajectory of my life,” London said. “I’ve learned so much from all of our contributors over the years. I hope we touched them as much as they touched me. I hope we touched our viewers. (I certainly see our rules in practice every day!) It feels like the end of an era and I look forward to my next chapter. I will always cherish the time I spent on WNTW and be eternally grateful to TLC for a great co-host, amazing crew and an awesome program.”

“Hosting WNTW has been a life-changing experience,” Kelly said. “When I got the job, I told everyone I knew that we’d probably do ten episodes, get canceled and I’d go crawling back to my old job in magazine publishing. So, I’m more surprised than anyone that we’ve lasted this long. At first I thought the essence of the show was making snarky remarks about people’s outfits, but as it turns out, WNTW is about taking stock of who you are and communicating that non-verbally to the rest of the world. That’s incredibly empowering.”

The final episodes of What Not To Wear will air on Friday nights in July 2013 and according to TLC, will feature Stacy and Clinton tackling their biggest challenges yet.


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