Ghana To Launch Technology Hub ‘Hope City’

John Mahama, the president of Ghana,  launched a project called Hope City, the first information and communications technology (ICT) hub in the region near Accra, the country’s capital.

In the next three years, this futuristic urban tech mecca will be housed in Africa’s tallest building at 270 meters high. Today,  Grammy Award-winning artist Chris Brown is slated to perform at Hope City’s launching concert.

Hope City has a budget of $10 billion, and will house as many as 25,000 citizens with its high-end residential area. This technological and economic hub will employ approximately 50,000 citizens. The piece of 100,000 square miles where the edifice will be built is in  Dunkonaa, an Accra suburb.

The area, referred to as Hope City, will be comprised of six towering skyscrapers linked together at various heights, including the 75-storey building that would become Africa’s tallest skyscraper. It will also contain a hospital and various leisure centers for sports, shopping, and recreation. In many ways, Hope City is Ghana’s answer to The United States’ Silicon Valley.

The project is a component of the National Development Policy Framework or the Government of Ghana in partnership with Rlg Communications, one of the country’s biggest technology companies. In his speech, President Mahama said private investors will play a key role in making Hope City a reality.

Representatives of the private sector who are keen on investing in Hope City hopes to eventually have assembly plants that mass produce high quality products everyday. The private sector intends to create products and services that will help make Ghana globally competitive.

Ghana holds many “firsts” under its belt. It is the first area in Africa’s sub-Saharan region that saw Europeans arrive with the intent to trade. At first it was for gold and eventually slave trading commenced. Ghana was the first country to become independent from its European colonizers (the British) in the region in 1957.

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