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Hit The Gym For Best Night’s Sleep

The path to a good night’s sleep may seem counterintuitive: you may need to hit the gym before you hit the sheets.

A new poll shows those who exercise the most get the best sleep.

These people should sleep well tonight, according to a new poll from the National Sleep Foundation.

“It turns out, the more you exercise, the better your sleep is likely to be,” says Dr. Russell Rosenberg, chairman of the National Sleep Foundation.

The poll of 1,000 adults found regular exercisers slept better and felt more refreshed in the morning than people who did not exercise.

The reason for the link between physical activity and a good night’s sleep is not clear but depression and anxiety tend to be common in people who suffer from insomnia.

“We know that exercise can improve depression. We know that exercise can improve anxiety,” says Dr. Harneet Walia of the Cleveland Clinic.

Vigorous exercise any time of day seemed to help most, but it doesn’t take heavy lifting to benefit.

“When you can, get up and take a walk, stretch some, it doesn’t even have to be vigorous exercise. Even light exercise can help improve the likelihood that you’ll get a good night’s sleep,” says Rosenberg…

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