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First Trailer for 'It's a Disaster'

David Cross and Julia Stiles are going to the worst brunch party ever. And then some dirty bombs go off. This sounds strangely similar to an indie flick Right at Your Door, from a few years ago, except whereas that was a paranoid thriller, this movie uses the premise for comedy. Forcing people who can’t really stand each other to stay in the same vicinity is an old ploy, and this is the same thing, just escalated. Plus, it lets the low-budget film stay in a single location. This first peek makes the movie look promising enough, even if In the Hall of the Mountain King is pretty played out as trailer music. Cross isn’t exactly stretching his acting capabilities by going for cringe humor, but he works it well.

It’s a Disaster comes out March 5th on VOD and digital download, and April 12th in theaters. Check out the trailer below.

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