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Toni Braxton Retiring from Music, Leaves Behind a Legacy

Toni Braxton retiring from music for acting Toni Braxton is retiring from her music career after more than 20 years in order to pursue a career in acting.

Braxton made the big announcement that she would no longer be getting in the studio to make any hits, but she his hoping to make several appearances on both the big screens and the small screens.

The iconic songstress told TheGrio that when it comes down to it, she doesn’t love what she’s doing anymore.

“For what I do I have to love it,” Braxton said. “I have to feel that excitement and it’s gone. I’m just not going to do any albums anymore; maybe touring occasionally here and there because I love performing, but not as much as I did in the past. But no new projects.”

The “Breathe Again” songstress is leaving behind quite a legacy with six Grammy Awards under her belt and selling over 60 million records around the world.

While her last official album, Pulse, released back in 2010 it seemed like a new album was on the way when she released the single “I Heart You” just last year. Needless to say, the eighth studio album was never actually released.

While her acting career hasn’t reached the heights of her music career just yet, she still has some pretty impressive roles on her resume.

Braxton nabbed two Broadway gigs in which she played Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and the titular queen in Aida. She made her way unto the TV screens thanks to the seventh season of “Dancing with the Stars” and although that isn’t acting it was enough to spark her interest in the business. For now, however, her TV acting career hasn’t gone any further than reality TV (which we do consider to be acting) on WE TV’s “Braxton Family Values.”

As for film, she took to the big screens alongside LL Cool J and Jada Pinkett-Smith in 2002 in “Kingdom Come.” She also landed her first leading role in a movie, although it never reached movie theaters.

Instead she was the lead actress in the Lifetime movie “Twist of Faith” where she took on the role of a single mom who becomes enamored with a Jewish cantor from New York.

So what’s next for Toni? If she has things her way, she would like to play around with the sexuality of her characters.

“I would like to play a lesbian,” Braxton said. “I don’t know why. And do a whole make-out scene and the whole thing; just something completely different than people would expect from me.”

Sounds a little sexually driven if you ask, but if Toni’s trying to get paid for some girl on girl action we have another industry in mind for her that pays well and doesn’t require any acting talent whatsoever.


Megan Fox’s Son Steals Spotlight From His Daddy

The world finally got a peak at Megan Fox’s son after daddy Brian Austin Green held the adorable little boy in his arm in front of a large window.

First look at Megan Fox's son There used to be a time that when Brian Austin Green (Megan Fox’s husband) was in a photo, all eyes were on him and nothing could distract you. We’re talking full on alien warfare could go on ten feet behind the guy and we’d still just be waiting for him to take his shirt off or stare at us with his green-ish gray eyes.

Things have changed however after Megan Fox gave birth to the most adorable baby boy you could imagine.

Fox and Green went on a vacation to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and brought along chubby faced Noah for the ride.

The handsome little man seems to be gazing off in the distance as he rests comfortably in on of his father’s arms. This is Green’s second adorable baby, but we’re pretty sure mommy Megan will spoil him to death since he is her first born.

While the quick snapshot of the father son duo was taken outside the window, you can still see the similarities between the two handsome fellows that Fox has been seeing since day one.

“He was his identical twin when he came out…” Fox told Ellen DeGeneres. She also claims that her little man looks “70 percent” like her big man.

Police Chief Resigns After Allegedly Lying for Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been in hot water after accusations arose that he lied about the community service he completed and now the police chief who signed off on the documents has decided to resign.

It was no secret that Brown and Police Chief Bryan Norwood were pals, but the friendship is quickly biting Norwood in the butt.

Police Chief in Chris Brown case resigns The Richmond, Virginia police chief helped Breezy pull of the community service fraud and certified that the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner had completed all of his hours. Signing a few papers wasn’t all it took to get the Police Chief in trouble, however.

He took things a step further when he decided to remove Breezy’s case from the Probation Department so he could handle the case all on his own. In other words, he needed to make sure nobody was over his shoulder watching his every move.

While the courts haven’t reached a decision on the case, yet the Mayor of Richmond supported the resignation 100 percent. According to a statement the Mayor of Richmond and the Chief made a “mutual agreement” about the resignation.

According to TMZ, the Police Chief claimed he stepped down in order to take on another job opportunity in North Carolina but the people of Virginia just aren’t buying it – and neither are we.

Meanwhile, the judge is still waiting on Rihanna’s lover to find a way to verify all those hours of community service and if he can’t things might finally get real for the R&B trouble maker.

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