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Chris Brown Case Leads Richmond Police Chief to Resign

In the movable circus that seems to be the life of  Chris Brown, the mini-dramas this week centered around Brown’s apparent snub of rival Frank Ocean at the Grammy Awards on Sunday; his totaling of his car on Saturday; and the resignation of  Richmond, Va., police chief after he apparently helped Brown fabricate his court-ordered community service work.

Sometimes it seems as if the celebrity blogs and supermarket tabloids would have nothing to report, if not for Brown.

Brown started out the weekend by crashing his Porsche into a wall on Saturday at about noon while trying to evade paparazzi. The R&B bad boy escaped unharmed.

The next night, with Rihanna snuggled up at side, Brown seemed to be the only music star in the house who didn’t stand up when Frank Ocean beat him in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category. According to published reports, the outspoken British star Adele was so annoyed that she later blasted Brown for being so disrespectful.

Of course, Brown and Ocean were involved in a scuffle a few weeks ago outside of a recording studio, when Ocean claimed Brown assaulted and threatened him in the parking lot. But despite reports that Ocean was pressing charges, Ocean released a statement on his Tumblr page saying he had decided to forgive Brown.

And now, to top it off, there are reports out of Richmond that Police Chief Bryan Norwood resigned from his job today after allegations surfaced that he and his department mishandled Brown’s court-ordered community service related to his LA assault of Rihanna.

“I have accepted the resignation of Bryan Norwood from his post as chief of police for the city of Richmond,” said Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones, according to an online statement.

“I know that in many ways, the Richmond Police Department and our city is better off because of his involvement, his dedication, and his concern and care for our communities,” Jones said. “But we’ve reached a mutual agreement in that his time as Richmond’s police chief has come to an end.”

Brown is in the midst of serving five years’ probation for the 2009 assault conviction. He was accused by LA County prosecutors earlier this month of failing to complete the 180 days of community labor he was required to do in Virginia, with allegations surfacing that his mother helped him fabricate his labor hours.

Richmond Chief Norwood wrote a letter in 2009 to the Los Angeles County court, assuring officials that his department would oversee Brown’s probation. But according to prosecutors in LA, Richmond police rarely checked on Brown’s progress, even though Norwood wrote again to the court in November 2011 saying the singer had completed more than 100 days of labor.

LA County prosecutors say Brown also violated his probation by failing to secure permits to allow him to travel while on probation.

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