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American Idol 2013: Former Judge Steven Tyler in Drag (Video)

American Idol 2013 OklahomaSteven Tyler Drag – American Idol 2013 finished up the audition rounds last night, making a final stop in Oklahoma City.  Somehow, Oklahoma delivered  the wildest contestants we’ve seen all season–some of whom even made it through to Hollywood.

First up was Zoanette Johnson, 19, a zany woman “who came to take the crown.” After singing The Star Spangled Banner complete with almost cartoonish runs, Zoanette urged the judges to hurry up in their deliberations because she had a lunch date. Nicki was obviously all about Zoanette, as she’s become a mother hen for  hot-mouthed, wacko contestants. Mariah and Randy looked less confident, but allowed her to go through to Hollywood.

The crazy continued for the audition of Halie Hilburn and Oscar (a puppet).  Halie, 27, is a ventriloquist and country singer. First, Halie sang a version of “I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” with Oscar interrupting every few lines to yodel. Despite the odd setup, Halie had a great voice.  The judges made her put down the puppet and sing solo. “I think Oscar is holding you back” said Keith. Mariah concurred, suggesting they “sever ties.” After what was possibly the most strange audition in Idol history, Halie made it through to Hollywood.

A rare sweet moment in the night came during 13-year-old Kayden Stephenson’s audition. Kayden suffers from cystic fibrosis, a terminal illness with an average life expectancy of 35.  He wanted to audition for Idol as soon as he was eligible.

After Kayden sand Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish,” the judges were unanimous. “I think so many children would be inspired by you,” said Nicki. Mariah said she thought “girls would fall onto the floor” when he walked into the room.  Kayden was then given his golden ticket to Hollywood.

To end the already unorthodox night, former judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler appeared in drag, initially posing as a contestant. He called himself “Pepper LaBeija,” after the legendary Harlem drag queen. To laughs from the contestants (and a slightly uncomfortable grimace from Mariah) Tyler then broke his act and wished the new judges good luck in the live shows.

Dude looks like a lady, indeed.

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