World’s Thinnest, Minimalist Watch Beats Crowd-Funding Target

The world’s thinnest watch, made from razor-thin aluminum, the absolute minimum of electronics, and an E Ink display, has now reached 250 percent of its funding goal in just a few days.

The CST-01 is just .8 millimeters thin — an astounding .0314 inches — and weighs just 12 grams, less than half an ounce. And it does precisely nothing but tell time … sort of the opposite of the other famous watch to hit the big time on Kickstarter, the Pebble.

“Everyone has crowded around this smart watch market,” project co-founder Jerry O’Leary told me. “But there hasn’t been any innovation in the actual timepiece itself. We thought: what if instead of adding as much as we can, we took as much as we could?”

So with co-founder Dave Vondle, the two IDEO designers built an intensely minimalist watch…

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