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Nigeria’s Top Bloggers Continue Rapid Rise Into 2013

Who are Nigeria’s top bloggers for 2013?  In the past two years, the Nigerian blog scene has grown in leaps and bounds. Part of the fascination with it is its rapid rise from relative obscurity on the continent to prominence. Check out our recent post on Nigerian bloggers: Nigeria – Africa’s blogging capital.

In compiling this list, we use what we consider to be the most important criteria. The following are factors we put into consideration.

Popularity – We consider a blog’s popularity based on a host of online traffic-ranking software that considers  number of daily page views and unique visitors.

Influence – We gauge a blog’s influence based on how frequently the blog’s content influences trends and opinions in the wider Nigerian populace and how quickly a topic covered by the blog makes its way to radio and print.

Brand – In addition to the blog’s popularity and influence, we focus on the blog’s brand. In ranking the blogs, we review on how well they have created brand awareness and stickiness around their content.

Top Nigerian Bloggers 2013

1. Linda Ikeji (Linda Ikeji) – 2012 was the year of Linda Ikeji. With mass appeal stemming from broad coverage of various issues of interest to Nigerians from politics to entertainment, this blogger gained significant mind share surpassing many newspapers and online destinations. Her personal touch continued to drive loyalty and engagement and her following attracted a host of advertisers, big and small. Her blogging story also helped advance blogging as a legitimate media influence in the nation with press ranging from Forbes Africa to the BBC.

2. Bella Naija (Uche Eze) – Led by Uche Eze in 2012, the Nigerian blogging pioneer expanded its content features to include news and issues with a broader mass appeal as competition increased from bloggers like Linda Ikeji, and as blogging in Nigeria continued to go mainstream. Its strong brand helped it maintain its loyal base and online advertising cred, but continued dominance  would require even more emphasis on sustaining the  entertainment appetite of online Nigerians.

3. The NetNG  (Ayeni Adekunle) – Led by Ayeni Adekunle and well known for its exclusive scoops and breaking news items, the NetNG continued to ride the Nigerian online wave  and break news stories that  its offline newspaper counterpart is well known for. The NetNG with its consistency and entertainment industry contacts continues to prove that it is the site of note online for the country’s entertainment news…

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