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Protein Sources That Matter to Bodybuilders

Everyone knows protein consumption is a big deal. If you don’t consume protein, then you don’t grow. It’s that simple. You train hard in the gym, and then you lie down to sleep at night. If you have eaten the right kind of protein, your body is in possession of the valuable amino acids that as the building blocks for new muscle. You train, you eat, you sleep – and then you grow. It’s really that simple.  However, some bodybuilders miss out on the very important protein component of this equation. You should never make this mistake.

There are two kinds of proteins that you have at your disposal. Complete proteins are those foods that contain all of the amino acids needed for muscle synthesis. These are the kind you should be eating. On the other hand, incomplete proteins are those that will not allow for muscle synthesis to occur when consumed alone.

Some examples of high quality, complete protein sources include egg, fish, chicken, beef and low-fat dairy products. You probably already know the wrong kinds of proteins to consume. They might possess the same number of protein grams per serving, but they are highly processed and will not give your body the proper amino acids required. You’ll be selling yourself – and future muscle growth – short. You should consume as many complete protein sources as possible daily.

Work to consume the highest quality protein that your budget will allow. If you don’t have to eat cheap cans of tuna six times a day, you should not. Instead, you should opt for a more varied source of protein. Buying in bulk can help you to enjoy higher quality proteins without breaking the bank. You’re a bodybuilder, which means you should be planning your meals better than just about anyone else. You should also be able to commit to the larger volume products and consume them before the expiration date. Find ways to save money in other aspects of your life, and don’t upend your budget trying to devote too many resources to protein purchases. But do your best to eat the best!

To build new muscle, you should aim for 30 grams of protein per meal if you are an average 180-pound male. If you are bigger, then you will need proportionately more protein with each meal. We all know that bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman can make use of more protein at each meal than say, actor Danny DeVito, right?

Use of 30 grams of high quality protein per meal – consumed six times each day – will allow you the greatest possibility of new muscle growth without going overboard. Some athletes will attempt to consume 60 or more grams of protein per meal. This can be dangerous to kidney health, and can also lead to an over-abundance of calories, which will make the lifter fat. You need your calories in the form of carbohydrates and fat for proper energy supply and organ function. Don’t go overboard with the protein, but don’t go “under-board” either…

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