Kim Kardashian to Quit Instagram; Rihanna Oprah's Favorite Guest

Kim Kardashian is threatening to leave Instagram as Rihanna is named Oprah’s most surprising guest. First, the Keeping up with the Kardashian star that thrives on publishing at least two half naked photos a day on Instagram may have to bid the social network adieu.

“I really loved Instagram 🙁 I need to review this new policy,” she wrote on Twitter. “I don’t think its fair.” A source added to TMZ, “She’s  thinking about shutting down her Instagram account, going to a rival photo-posting company … and taking all of her followers with her.”

Instagram has been under fire this week after announcing a new policy gives the company power to sell its user’s photos to outside companies for various uses without having to compensate the user. Instagram said this interpretation of the policy was not true and apologized for the “confusing” language. Instagram says it’s revising the wording and will release a new terms of service in the near future.

The social network is likely scrambling given Kim Kardashian is their most followed user with over 5 million dedicated fans. The remaining Kardashian clan including Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall are among top ten followed on the site and will likely follow their sister and bail. The power of the Kardashians along with a slew of other celebrities who have protested will likely result in a change in Instagram’s policy.

Meanwhile, media mogul Oprah Winfrey landed on the Hollywood Reporter’s 2012 Rule Breakers list. In her interview Oprah opens up about making it through the second year of operating OWN and her most surprising guest on Next Chapter.

The Hollywood Reporter: After a rocky first year launching OWN, you’re finally seeing ratings improve and programming risks pay off. How rewarding is it to see your vision for the network coming to fruition?

Oprah Winfrey: Well, I’m not doing the hula yet! (Laughs) There are many hula-hoops still to come. But yes, compared to a year ago, it feels like a sigh of relief and gratitude that I was able to do exactly what Lorne Michaels told me about two years ago. He said, “It’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall, watching it drizzle down. And you’ll probably have to use the word ‘motherf—er’ a lot.” (Laughs) No, he said “Nothing’s going to work till you get there.” That’s the great lesson: You can have vision but unless you maintain leadership of the vision and are there to help oversee the execution of the vision, it doesn’t work. The other great lesson has been: All success comes with patience, and with patience comes power. One of my favorite sayings is “Understanding the definition of power is really strength times strength times strength.” Strength over time equals power, and really recognizing that building a network from the ground up is just that. Strength times strength times strength. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

THR: Who was your toughest Next Chapter interview this year? Or, someone who surprised you?

Winfrey: Interestingly enough, the person who most surprised me the most was Rihanna. She brought one thousand percent of her. You could tell that she came ready. She was open to anything. But I don’t do an interview if someone tells me I can’t ask a certain question. My policy is, I can ask any question, you can tell me you won’t answer it, but you have to tell me that on camera. I really didn’t know that much about her. I just thought she was so thoughtful and so smart. I didn’t know that she was or wasn’t, I only knew her from her music.

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