Nancy Lanza Fear of Economic Collapse Motive for CT Shooter?

The Connecticut elementary school shooter’s mother Nancy Lanza has surfaced as a possible motive for the Newtown massacre.

Ever since 20 students and 6 staff members of the Connecticut elementary school lost their lives at the hands of Adam Lanza, people all over the country have been asking themselves “Why?”

The answer, as previously predicted, may have been his mother but not because of a troubled relationship as many initially thought.

Nancy Lanza was a “survivalist” and a “prepper,” two terms used for people who have dedicated their lives to being ready for the end of the world.

Adam’s mother believed that the world was on the verge of an economic collapse and ever since the date for the Mayan apocalypse neared, friends of Nancy claimed that she struggled to keep herself together.

She began collecting large amounts of food, water, and weapons inside her home as she prepared for what she believed would be a violent breakdown of civilization as we know it.

As a part of prepping for the end of the world, she wanted to make sure her two children were able to defend themselves when it was time and needless to say it horrendously backfired.

The CT school shooter may have never even learned how to fire a gun if it wasn’t for his mother giving him and his brother lessons on using each of the guns and even taking them to local gun ranges.

After he learned everything he needed to know, Adam grabbed three of his mother’s guns and shot her four times in the head.

He then left for the elementary school in Newtown where the horrendous tragedy took place.

According to Nancy’s sister, she also made sure she never left the guns out around the house but at the same time she was never shy about telling people of her extensive gun collection.

“She told me she liked the single-mindedness of shooting,” said Nancy’s landscape gardener to whom she would frequently show off her guns to.

He also recalled how worried he was when he discovered how often Mrs. Lanza took her two sons target shooting.

Perhaps the shooter’s mother being so frantic about the end of the world made Adam do whatever it took to make sure that neither he nor his mother had to face it?

In addition to his mother’s paranoid ways and obsession with firearms, there was one trait about Adam that seemed to be true for so many other school gunmen.

The CT school shooter was an outcast and was described by friends and classmates as a “ghost” who was also “deeply disturbed.”

Claims also surfaced that Lanza was so much of a recluse that even family members hadn’t seen or spoken to him in many years.

Even friends of Nancy’s who played dice with her for almost 15 years never met her son, and they were never even allowed inside her home.

“He was always different – keeping to himself, fidgeting and very quite,” said one of Adam’s former classmates. “His parents – particularly his mother – reportedly drove him hard to succeed.”

Throughout his school years, Lanza reportedly carried a black briefcase while other kids wore backpacks and never really tried to communicate with the other students in his classes.

It has also been revealed that Adam had a form of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome. Although this would explain his reclusive nature, experts have also promised that it wouldn’t directly play into why he would shoot 20 young children.


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