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Nigerian Entertainment Firm Making in-Roads in America

Anderson ‘Big A’ Obiagwu

Nigerian owned entertainment company, BIG A ENTERTAINMENT has won its slot in America as the biggest African entertainment company fully endorsed by the American Guild of Artists. The Brain behind this Noble achievement, is a Nigerian, a graduate with Majors in Respiratory Therapy, Mr Anderson Obiagwu.

The Young and articulate entertainment icon, popularly called Big A through this achievement has in no small measure, bridged that gap between love for African Music, its recognition, and placing it proudly at the corridors of the international entertainment stage.

Coming at a time when most people shy away from bringing African Artist to America because of the huge cost implications, he has exuded that passion, and defiled all odds in order to give African music the right popularity that it truly deserves.

This he has done by single handedly taking music talents from the streets of Lagos, Port Haricot, Benin, Owerri and Enugu to the most prestigious capital of entertainment, America…

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