Making Time to Be Both Together, Away from Each Other

When we first get together with someone it’s normal to want to spend all our spare time together. But as time goes on, at some point, time apart is usually needed. Some couples need more time to be alone than others and its unlikely that both of you will need exactly the same amount of ‘me’ time and together time. Sometimes this becomes a problem and one partner feels rejected but often it is just a natural part of getting to know and understand your partner.

Later on (usually after children come along) it becomes harder and harder to find any time to spend together just being a couple again.

Often couples find it really difficult to juggle all the competing demands on their time – work, children, friends, housework…

It becomes frustrating not being able to predict when you’ll be able to find that extra time just to relax together. But if you can at least try and make a commitment to seizing those moments when they come along it can really help you to focus on your relationship.

It’s finding time to be by yourselves, away from the home and all those other responsibilities and interruptions, that’s important. However, if you can’t make that work, just try to set aside, maybe, one evening a week to slip in an hour somewhere. Commit to some time once a week when you will have time to focus just on ‘us’.

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