Increasing the Shelf Life of Top 5 Healthy Foods

Any man or woman who tries to eat clean and maintain a balanced, healthy diet may have varying types of food stored in the fridge. Still, the top five should be lemons, spinach, milk, broccoli, and sports drink or water. If you have a handy water ionizer machine, it has other uses than drinking. Cooking and rinsing with the water from it can preserve shelf life of produce and other food.

The shelf life of fruits and veggies is extend if you simply freeze them. With lemons, it’s better to use them as ice cubes in lukewarm beverages after exposing them to extremely low temperatures. Lemons can’t really handle the cold all too well. Keep in mind that freezing fruits and veggies makes their water molecules expand and what you’ll end up with is a softer, less tasty mush. If you wash the lemon with acidic ionized water before storing it in the fridge, it’ll have a remarkably longer shelf life.

Ionized water washes off traces of pesticide and helps prevent oxidation in the produce. Hence, the fruit will last longer after this water strips off the impurities. Fridge temperature then effectively inhibits bacteria growth. It’s the same thing with spinach and broccoli. If you rinse the veggies with this water before storing them in airtight containers and in the fridge, they will last longer.

Although the benefits of the acidic and alkaline ionized water clearly provides an opportunity where people can save money on their groceries, some people remain hesitant on whether they should buy an ionizer. The uncertainty mostly falls in the price. Not all of these machines are super expensive. It only takes a little searching to find the perfect, lower priced bawell premier alkaline water ionizer machine for your drinking water and food preservation and food cleaning purposes.

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