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The Random Magic of Grenada

In Grenada, I really never know what I’m going to find when I leave the house. Sometimes it’s the most amazing sunset, sometimes it’s a local child who smiles and jumps into my arms. On this day, it was a random street parade, with dancing, music, and levity.

Just before sunset (which arrives around 6pm year-round), I often go out on the scooter in search of a nice spot to admire Grenada’s scenery.

Coming out of town (“town” being the commonly-used reference to Grenada’s capital city of St. George’s), at the side of the road was a parade of sorts. It was a small affair led by a truck with loudspeakers playing what sounded like spiritual or inspirational music, then a few guys carrying banners, and an assortment of colourfully-clad dancing women and men.

Some held streamers and props in their hands to complement this improvisational dance which evidently came from the heart, while others just let the spirit move them in whatever ways felt good.

Following this parade of about 20 dancers, was a small crowd who ambled behind, observing and enjoying the festivities.

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