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Dealing With Anger, Resentment Towards Your Child

Do you ever feel stuck in a cycle of anger and resentment towards your child? Sometimes I swear it’s like a cloud descends on me and I really have to work to get out if it because otherwise everything my kids do – even totally normal healthy kid things, makes me more grumpy and I start to feel mean.

Resentment means it’s time for self care.

From experience, I know the main thing it means when I notice feelings of resentment is I need to take better care of myself – find a sitter and have a break, get to bed early, eat better, have a cup of tea. Self care isn’t easy when you’re taking care of small kids though and it can be hard to shake that angry feeling. What insight could other moms give me?

I love what these wise mamas said when I asked on the Creative with Kids Facebook page.
“Do you have any tips for letting go of anger towards your child? When you notice yourself feeling resentful and mean, how do you get out of that emotional place?”

10 Moms’ Tips for Letting go of Anger

Magnificent Me (blog) Tell someone who won’t judge you for it. Just getting it out helps.
Emma – I had trauma in my childhood so stressful situations trigger my fight/flight response, very primitive part of the brain that just reacts. My counselor says cuing into my senses tracks my brain back to the cognitive thinking brain pathway so that I can use all the wonderful techniques I have been learning but can’t access in “protect” mode. So you stop, identify 3 things you can see, identify 3 things you can feel, 3 things you can hear… Then 2 things you can see, feel, hear… Then 1 thing you can see, feel, hear…

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