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Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Lands New Fitness Deal

Evelyn Lozada just landed a new fitness deal with an organic, caffeine free energy shot as she prepares to start taping for the new season of Basketball Wives Miami.

The one thing nobody can deny about Chad Johnon’s ex is that her body is practically flawless, and Revival Lab couldn’t agree more.

The fitness company is supposedly paying Lozada a whopping six figure check in order to endorse their latest product, youthH2O.

The innovative energy shot is supposed to be both nutritious as well as help consumers appear younger.

“I’m honored to represent the youthH2O brand because they are innovative, care about consumers and have created a real age defying system that is not only nutritious, but will help you look younger, feel younger and give you a boost of energy,” said the 36-year-old reality star.

Revival Labs also expressed their excitement that the fit reality star was interested in their product in a statement released Tuesday.

“Months ago we noticed Evelyn’s passion as a user of our product, which lead us to discuss her passion for fitness and healthy living,” said the VP of Revival Labs Sherry Zikria. “Her admiration for youthH2O was genuine and its benefits have brought so much excitement to her routine that she then went on an aggressive mission to share these qualities with her friends, families and like minded individuals around the world.”

The fitness deal came just in time considering the fact that Ochocinco’s ex-wife was aware that her reality buzz wouldn’t be able to pay the bills forever.

According to the television personality, it wasn’t even the big pay out that made the deal worth it as much as it was the opportunity to move on to bigger and better things.

The curvaceous New York beauty is also rumored to be working on her own line of exercise equipment and hopes to build a fitness empire that would deem her the next Jane Fonda.

In the midst of starting her new fitness empire she also took to Twitter to express her excitement about the new season of Basketball Wives.

She tweeted, “The time has finally arrived tweeps! I’m heading to film BBW5 Miami!!! **Let us pray**”

Considering the drama that filled the last season of the catty reality series, it seems like prayer is definitely in need.




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