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New Apple IMac Introduces the Hybrid Hard Drive System, Fusion Drive

Whenever Apple releases a new or updated computer, you can expect it to be significantly faster.

Introduce a computer with a revolutionary hybrid hard drive system, and expect even greater things. That’s the case with the brand new iMac and Apple’s new Fusion Drive.

The Fusion Drive system seamlessly utilizes a 128 GB solid-state drive to run the operating system and other big software, and then a traditional spinning hard drive to give you the amount of storage you need. Solid-state hard drives are great because they’re very fast,but they’re also really expensive, which has limited how high you can go up in storage without breaking the bank

Macworld recently published a report that breaks down the speed of this new system. In their example, they analyze a Mac Mini with Fusion Drive.

“It was the Fusion Drive that really kicked the BTO Mac mini into overdrive. The standard configuration $799 Mac mini with its 5400-rpm hard drive took more than three times as long to complete our copy file and uncompress file tests as the Fusion Drive did in the BTO Mac mini. The BTO Mac mini’s PCMark productivity test score (using VMWare Fusion) was three times higher than the high-end standard configuration’s score…

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