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Beyonce Debuts New Hairdo, Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Beyonce debuted a new hairdo when she attended the Brooklyn Nets game with husband Jay-Z and fans seem to love the sleek bang look on the R&B queen.

Beyonce’s new hairdo was enough to turn heads, but the powerhouse songstress even emphazied the new look with an expensive Tipi Alton shirt and pants combo that had social media sites erupting in praise of her style.

Instead of her usual big curls and waves, Queen Bey opted for a straight sleek hair do with a clean cut bang that shaped her face beautifully – not that she needed help looking any more beautiful than she already did.

Perhaps her new style and hair do was enough to give the Nets good luck as they claimed victory over the Toronto Raptors as the megastar couple watched from their courtside seats.

Along with the unique 100% silk top and pants and a chic hair style, the “Dance for You” songstress also completed the look with some classic Guiseppe Zanotti heels, bold Erika Pena hoop earrings, and a show stopping Yves Saint Laurent ring.

With so much fuss about baby Blue’s mommy’s new bangs, it’s no surprise that everyone is eager to get their own banged up hair do.

Before you rush off to the nearest hair salon and chop your locks however, take a look at what bang style might work best with your face shape! breaks down each hair style with their corresponding face shape to make sure you can look just as fabulous as your favorite celebs.

First it’s important to remember to determine your face shape with a headband keeping your hair away from your face and keep your chin level as you look into the mirror.

If you take a good look and determine that your face shape is round – same width forehead and lower face with prominent cheeks – then a sassy side swept bang is best for you.

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz have been known to rock this look which helps to elongate their face and give it a slender shape.

If you notice you have a bit of an angular jawbone and hair line, however, a style similar to Queen Bey’s is best for you: a blunt full fringe.

The preferred length for this cut is to stop the bangs just at your eye line which also helps to elongate square shaped faces if the cut is done properly. If you check out Jennifer Garner and Penelope Cruz’s cute cuts you’ll see some great examples of how the blunt cut can shape a square face beautifully.

Now for the lucky ones- the oval shaped faces. Oval shaped faces tend to already be elongated and can work with pretty much any type of bang.

Some gorgeous stars who have an oval shaped face are Jessica Alba and Zooey Deschanel who both opted for a clean cut straight bang that stops at their eye line.

Stars such as Tyra Banks and Reese Witherspoon, have adorable heart shaped faces – wider forehead and a narrow chin. The best bang look for these faces? No bangs.

Because heart shaped faces tend to be the widest at the forehead, it looks awkward to have any type of bang extending across that section of the face. Instead shoot for sleek long dos that draw attention away from the forehead.


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