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Good Citizenship Award: Clayton County, GA Couple Arrested for Reporting Drugs in Their Rental Property

Michael Keely showing where tenants had stashed drugs I his rental property

A man and his wife were arrested after telling police about drugs they found in a rental property they own.

Michael Keeley told Channel 2’s Eric Philips that authorities arrested three men living in his rental property in Rex in October. Keeley said investigators found meth inside the car that two of the men were in.

Investigators then combed Keeley’s rental house for evidence before handing the property back over to him, he said.

Keeley said his wife and 9-year-old accompanied him to the home on Sunday to clean it up and get it ready for new tenants. Inside the home, Keeley said he found eight bags of narcotics hidden behind the walls.

Keeley said he immediately called the authorities, but he was shocked by their reaction. Officers interrogated him and his wife before arresting them on charges of tampering with evidence, he said.

Keeley said officers threatened to send their 9-year-old to the Department of Family and Children Services, but a neighbor stepped up to watch him.

The couple spent two days in the Clayton County Jail before each posted a $5,000 bond.

“Now, I will be forever reluctant to pick up the phone and dial the police again,” Keeley said.

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