Ellen's Sofia Vergara Costume Covers All the Bases

Ellen’s Sofia Vergara costume was an absolute hit for her Halloween episode! Ellen’s costume was Vergara’s complete 2012 Emmy’s Zuhair Murad look down to her wardrobe malfunction that exposed her rear.

Ellen, greeted her audience in her best Colombian accent,

“Muchas Gracias everybody, Muchas Gracias, Hola! My name is Sofia Vergara. I am easy breezy beautiful CoverGirl from Colombia. Happy Halloween. As you can see, I put my pumpkins out.”

Ellen continued poking fun at Vegara’s many jobs, “I like being Sofia Vergara, but it’s hard being this beautiful. I’m so busy with CoverGirl and Diet Pepsi and Burger King and my clothing line [and] the award winning Modern Family. I get so much work with this fake accent. People think it’s real.”

Luckily for Ellen, everyone was laughing…including Vergara herself who emerged to surprise the audience. The “Modern Family” star stated in Spanish, “She wishes she had the body I have. She wishes she looked like that!” After much back and fourth and a Vegara’s failed attempt at teaching Ellen Spanish they both opted for something the talk show host does well….dance.

Sofia thinks Ellen looked “ridiculous” in her costume. But we must ask…it’s Halloween after all…who wore Sofia Vegara best?!

Watch the video clip below:

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