Kendrick Lamar’s Leaked Album Receives Positive Reviews

Many artists have had to deal with having their music leaked and Kendrick Lamar is the latest victim. His upcoming album good kid, m.A.A.d city was leaked last week and although the album was officially released today, reviewers and fans have already made their judgments. Fans all over Twitter have been raving about the project. “Listened to first 5 songs of kendrick lamar album ‘good kid in a mad city’ this guy lyrics so good, tells a story! True lyricst,” said MrCmEfrem. Twitter user the_will_lake thinks Lamar will be able to put West Coast hip hop back on the map. “kendrick lamar single-handedly revived west coast hip-hop with this album. #goodkidmaadcity,” he tweeted.

Other users described his album as “a classic”, “dope” and “fresh.” The rapper has also gotten positive remarks from music reviewers. “Without ruining the narrative for anyone who hasn’t sat down with this one yet (which we refuse to do in this review), it’s a near cinematic musical experience, which exhibits some of the most vivid hip hop storytelling in recent memory,” wrote one reviewer for The Versed. “But, naturally, it’s a dark, at times gruesome, story. However, despite the grim realities that are conveyed, it has one of the most empowering and positive messages of any recent hip hop project too.”

“But what keeps this LP littered with replay value is Kendrick’s range as an emcee. Styles and cadences pivot on a dime, whether on or off beat. He’ll flip octaves like he’s harnessing first generation Dungeon Family members” said a Hip Hop DX reviewer. “Tracks like “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and the Drake-assisted, Janet Jackson-sampled “Poetic Justice” are the type of songs that should be on radio more often: Genuinely imaginative in approach.”
The writer went on to end his review with a lofty prediction about the Compton native. “This isn’t just a debut album,” he concluded. “This is a shot at history.”

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