Anna Kendrick Planning on Bringing 'The Last Five Years' to the Big Screen

Anna Kendrick has been making quite the name for herself in the world of music and movies. Her next role will reportedly follow suit, as she is apparently set to star in the film adaptation of the musical production The Last Five Years, according to a recent article from

Anna Kendrick has been garnering a significant amount of attention with her starring role in this year’s Pitch Perfect, where the young starlet sang all of her own songs (quite beautifully). She’s also appeared in the music-oriented Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the dramatic 50/50, the cynical Up in the Air, and the unmistakable Twilight series.

Kendrick is set to play Cathy, the female lead of The Last Five Years. The musical traces the collapse of a failed relationship, where Cathy tells her side of the story in reverse chronological order. At the arc of the story, the male lead, Jamie, chimes in and begins telling his own side in regular chronological order. While it’s interesting to imagine this on stage, it’s even more enticing to imagine what could possibly be done in the realm of film.

Anna Kendrick is no stranger to the stage. She’s the second youngest person to be nominated for a Tony Award in addition to her nominees for a Drama Desk Award, and a Fany Award. She’s earned herself a Drama League and Theatre World Award. Oh, did we forget to mention they’re all concerning the same performance? To say Kendrick has talent would be quite the understatement.

Hopefully, Anna Kendrick’s interest will attract a respectable cast and even more respectable director. Who knows, with the right musical, maybe Hollywood will succeed where others have failed and usurp this Glee fad, ushering in a new form of musical in the process. Hopefully. Maybe. Well, probably not. But it never hurts to hope.

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