Evelyn Lozada Gets Ready for First Prom with Twitter Follower

Evelyn Lozada was asked out to a high school prom via Twitter by one of her followers, the reality star gladly accepted the invitation.

One of Lozada’s Twitter followers has been tweeting the starlet for quite some time and according to his friends, this is nothing short of a dream come true.

Even before he asked Chad Johnson’s ex out to prom he made several tweets simply admiring her and suggesting that he would be the perfect guy for her if they were closer in age.

“I wish @EvelynLozada was my age I swear I be the best guy she ever had,” 18-year-old Anthony Nelson tweeted on Thursday.

Prom has always been the time in a teenager’s life where their dreams come true, and the 36-year-old Brooklyn native was more than happy to help this West Bloomfield high school student’s prom truly be a dream come true.

“Since your single now, wanna go to prom with me,” Anthony tweeted, probably not ever really expecting the “Basketball Wives” star to say yes.

After she celeb surprisingly accepted the invitation the high school sweetheart then tweeted, “Never in my life have I been so, happy.”

As it turns out, Lozada isn’t just doing this to make her follower the happiest teenager on Twitter, she also is finally getting a chance to do something she never go to do – attend prom.

“I have to say that I’m very excited,” the curvaceous beauty wrote on her website. “The reason why I’m so excited is because I never had the opportunity to attend my own prom. During that time in my life, I was becoming a teenage mom and pregnant with my daughter Shaniece.”

The starlet went on to explain that her prom date will be wearing black and white and would like for her to wear red.

The reality star is considering letting her fans pick out her prom dress for the evening as well as encouraging the rest of her followers to make sure they stay in school and pursue an education.

“I encourage all of you to stay in school and attend college! There is nothing better than having an education and bright future,” she continued.

A source close to Evelyn said that she is thrilled for the prom and even wants the corsage as well.

What’s even better is that in the midst of preparing for her prom night, the mother of one even changed up her hair color, ditching the blonde locks for a darker look.

The dark brown hair color does wonders for Ochocinco’s ex and the new look is probably her very own way of starting things off fresh after dealing with the domestic violence attack from her ex earlier this year.


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