Tyra Banks Creates Scripted TV Show, Not Ashamed of her “Fivehead”

Tyra Banks has just sold a scripted television series to ABC which is based off the supermodel’s awkward teenage years titled “Fivehead.”

Tyra is one model who has always been trying to remind her fans that they are beautiful no matter what their flaws are.

Banks had to remember this lesson herself throughout her teenage years as she recently revealed she was constantly being bullied for being unusually tall and extremely skinny.

“When I was 11-years-old, I grew three inches and lost 30 pounds in three months,” the America’s Next Top model host explained. “So I went from being a mean bully, cute little chubby little girl to shooting up, [weighing] 98 pounds and just looking sick and frail.”

The 38-year-old TV personality then went on to explain how many of the kids thought she was actually sick because of her appearance.

“I was the brunt of every joke, every bad thing,” she continued. “I hated my reflection in the mirror. I would try to stuff food down my throat to gain weight.”

But of course, now it seems as if the former skinny, sickly looking girl has gotten the last laugh.

Needless to say she isn’t fighting with being too skinny anymore and has the perfect curves to be an Angel for Victoria’s Secret.

She still has one flaw, however, and instead of getting upset with media ridicule she decided to profit from it.

The scripted television series telling her life’s tales during such an awkward time her life will be named after her infamous forehead… or “Fivehead” as she likes to call it.

Long time friend and TV writer, Kenya Barris will be co-creating while Banks will actually take the role as executive producer.

In addition to producing her scripted series, she will still be keeping her hands full with America’s Next Top Model as it enters its 15th season.

When ratings began to take a slow fall, the curvaceous Harvard graduate decided to enlist the help of an entirely new judge’s panel and mentors.

Tyra has added Rob Burns to the show as well as stylist Johnny Wujek and fashion blogger Bryanboy.

Those kids who went to school with Tyra are probably furious at the fact that the already multimillionaire will now be making even more money just off the simple fact that they used to bully her.

Look who’s got the last laugh now.


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