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Poster Debuts for 'Not Fade Away'

It’s been five years since the memorably divisive end of The Sopranos, and in that time, the biggest brain behind that series has remained silent. David Chase, after creating and finishing one of the greatest TV shows ever, went into a sort of creative hibernation, one that’s left fans of his work (such as myself) sorely missing his voice. That all ends on December 21st, when Not Fade Away comes to theaters. And Rolling Stone has its poster.

This is the feature film debut for Chase, who both wrote and directed. Described as a rock and roll movie “about anybody who has ever had a dream and about what it takes to actually realize that dream,” it certainly sounds worlds different from The Sopranos in terms of subject matter and tone. Which is good! It would be a letdown if Chase let his previous success pigeonhole his efforts. The cast includes Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini, joined by Brad Garrett, Boardwalk Empire‘s Christopher MacDonald, and The Wire‘s Isaiah Whitlock Jr. There is literally nothing about this movie that should give you pause.

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