Rihanna, Christina Aguilera Top List Of Good Singers, Bad Dancers

Both Christina Aguilera and Rihanna are used to being chart toppers when it comes to their music, but being at the top of this VH1 list has deemed the ladies as “good singers, bad dancers.”

When it comes to being an amazing performer, you don’t always have to have amazing dance moves but it sure does help.

Beyonce has been acknowledged as one of the best performers of a generation based on how she can sing a tune, belt out notes, and master difficult choreography all at the same time.

For other ladies of R&B, however, the amazing performance stops at good vocals.

VH1 created the list of “Good Singers, Bad Dancers” and featured many chart topping artists such as Diddy, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, and even the iconic Whitney Houston.

Christina Aguilera may be a top selling pop crooner, but her dance moves are less than impressive according to the list.

VH1 specifically pointed out the “Candyman” crooner’s performance during her “Genie in a Bottle” video.

They accused the soulful singer as being “stiff” during the routine which was supposedly a result of the young starlet being “cramped in that bottle.”

Perhaps the most surprising name on the list was the Bajan beauty who loves to show off some seductive moves on stage.

Unfortunately, those seductive hip twirls and booty pops are about all Chris Brown’s ex is capable of.

When it came time to master some more advanced choreography for her music video for “Where Have You Been,” RiRi’s performance fell short as you can almost see her physically trying to count down every beat of the music and trying to figure out what move comes next.

Perhaps the only thing more questionable than the R&B bad girl’s dance moves, is her willingness to make even the most private moments in her life a public display on Twitter.

It has only been three months since the Battleship actress’s grandmother passed away, and Rihanna has already tweeted half of Gran Gran Dolly’s sentimental possessions.

The 24-year-old took a trip to her late grandmother’s apartment in Brooklyn, New York on Monday and tweeted photos of everything she came across during the emotional visit.

One photo is just an old pic of the chart topping R&B singer with her arm around Gran Gran Dolly, while other photos show albums full of newspaper clippings about Rihanna that her grandmother had collected over the years.

“I’m back at #grangrandollys for the first time without her going through her stuff,” the singer placed in a caption under one of the photos.

Another photo showed a small cluster of teddy bears that Rihanna and her family had gifted to her grandmother before she passed.

“We give her these, she still had them! Lol,” the “We Found Love” singer tweeted along with the photo.

After that she showed off a picture of her with her granny when the star was only 17-years-old.

The last set of photos featured Rihanna snapping away pics of her grandfather while she slid into the picture with him.

While the risqué performer from Barbados was able to pull off some silly facial expressions for the photos, her grandfather Lionel wasn’t even able to crack a smile.

After learning of her grandmother’s passing, the young star got a tattoo across her rib cage of the goddess Isis in memory of her late grandmother, saying that she was a symbol of the perfect mother and caregiver.

Perhaps this is just the way RiRi deals with death, but it seems a bit odd that she has made such a public display of her grandmother’s passing and Grandpa Lionel certainly didn’t seem excited about taking photos to show the world how sad he was.


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