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'The Passion of Christ' Prequel Casts Peter O'Toole Out of Retirement

The prequel to Mel Gibson’s biblical film The Passion of Christ, is currently being cast. With a script from Benedict Fitzgerald (who co-wrote Christ) and Barbara Nicolosi, Mary Mother of Christ is be the follow up to Gibson’s hit crucifixion movie.

Coming off of her role in The Odd Life of Timothy Green, 15-year-old Odeya Rush, a veteran of miracle baby films, has already been cast as Mary. Peter O’Toole has been tapped to come out of retirement to play Simeon, who according to the story, blessed the infant Jesus, while Julia Ormond is slated to play Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

The producers are trying to proposition Judi Dench to take the role of Anna the Prophetess, a widow somewhere between 84 and 105 years old, and if the team have their way Hugh Bonneville will play Satan. Ben Kingsley is reportedly circling the role of original King Herod.

Joel Osteen is executive producing Mary Mother of Christ, while Alister Grierson, an Australian director who recently directed James Cameron’s deep sea dive film Sanctum, will be at the helm.

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