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Haiti Attempts to Stabilize Food Prices

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has announced that the Haitian government has created a price stabilization commission, which will combat rising food prices in the struggling country.

Representatives from the Prime Minister’s office will join those chosen from the Ministries of Commerce and Industry, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development, along with officials from the Council of Economic and Social Development, and the National Coordination on Food Security.

The first priority of the new commission will be to develop new measures to stabilize the prices of commodities considered sensitive due to their importance to Haiti’s food basket.

In a statement, Lamothe’s office said that it was committed to finding a solution to the rising prices, with “concrete, rapid, appropriate and effective” measures. The commission will work with both the private sector and farming stakeholders in order to establish price stability.

National disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes impact the country’s ability to produce affordable food, along with infrastructure problems that make transport and preservation of fresh goods difficult.

On Friday, Lamothe met with the United Nations’ Assistant General for Human Rights, Ivan Simonovic, and UN Deputy Special Representative in Haiti Nigel Fisher in Port-au Prince, the country’s capital. The officials discussed the country’s plans to improve human rights across the nation, with the creation of a new Office of the Minister Delegate for Human Rights, and a national institution called Fight Against Human Rights.

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  1. This is a nonpareil administration. Haiti is blessed finally.

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