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Historic Georgian Mansion in Buckhead is Yours for the Taking – Video

Threatened Randolph Lucas House in Buckhead

Anyone who has traversed Peachtree Street in Buckhead more than once has no doubt seen this lovely-but-oh-so-out-of-place mansion and wondered what’s the deal. It certainly has more architectural merit than the condominium development it was displaced by 14 years ago, but Atlanta’s a city of the new and architectural merit or historical pedigree can only hold off an eager wrecking ball for so long. Such is the case here. The mansion is targeted for demolition unless it’s moved by whoever wants it…for free.

This offer of a free historic Georgian mansion to whoever can afford to move and fix it, has enticed many people.

Wright Mitchell, the president of Buckhead Heritage, has been sifting through the offers for the Randolph Lucas house on Peachtree Street.

“Thanks to 11 Alive the interest has been overwhelming,” he said. “We’ve been contacted by realtors who have clients with vacant lots who are interested in moving the house. We’ve been contacted by developers who are interested in moving the house and rehabilitating it.”

Hercules House Movers has estimated the cost of moving the house to somewhere else in Atlanta, at $350,000.

But now, a new issue. People interested in the house want to see inside, want to know how much it will cost to fix and upgrade it. And in the past, the condo association in the 2500 building, the group that wants the house torn down, has denied requests to get in. 11Alive has repeatedly called Hakim Hilliard, the attorney representing the condo association. Hilliard has not returned any calls.

“The great unknown is what it’s going to cost to rehabilitate the house,” Mitchell said. “Obviously there are going to be numerous upgrades that need to be made…

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