Why Would 'House Party 5' Be In The Works?


The House Party franchise is going from bad to worse. Warners just announced that they would make and release House Party 5, but the question is why?

The film titled House Party: Tonight’s The Night, will be a straight to DVD release via Warner Premiere. Warner Premiere is the branch in Warner Bros. which does the direct-to-video deals for the company. The House Party franchise have been getting worse and worse over the years and they should have just stopped a long time ago.

The original House Party was an urban classic which starred the then popular Hiphop duo Kid ‘n Play. The film had a great plot, humorous acting and a playful story line. It banked over $26 million dollars on a small budget of $2.5 million, thus, making it one awesome film. House Party 2 and 3 were entertaining but they didn’t live up to the first one. That’s where the franchise should have stopped, they should have never explored a fourth option of this film. The fourth edition of the film sucked and it wasn’t even work a visit to the red box. Part four didn’t do anything but devalue a good thing. Now they want to convince fans to buy into a House Party 5. Please don’t do it!

Doug McHenry, who produced the second and third House Party movies as well as Tales From The Hood, Waist Deep, Menace II Society, is listed as the producer.

Don D. Scott, who wrote Barbershop one and two, will pen the film. Darin Scott is listed as the director.

Warner will start shooting House Party 5 September 24th.

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