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Christina Aguilera Wears Insanely Tight Dress; Queen Wears Hoodie

Queen Wears Hoodie, Christina Aguilera – OK, Christina Aguilera wearing some insanely tight outfit isn’t very strange but the Queen of England photographed wearing a hoodie in a Range Rover most certainly is!

First, the paps caught a photo of NBC’s The Voice judge filming the video for her new music video Your Body in LA and showing off….well…HER body. Christina is seen wearing a short, mesh dress, hot pink heels and lipstick to match and a pink wig – and the critics are having a field day.

One writer for the Huff Post stated, “We’re talking gaping, side boob and rear-revealing holes all over her dress. That’s certainly one way to get attention for your upcoming single.”

Another at Yahoo attempted to guess the theme of Aguilera’s video based on the photo,

“A stripper is at home trying on rainbow-colored wigs when she gets a call to participate in a last-minute softball game. She quickly grabs her bat, throws on some neon-pink stiletto pumps and heads for the ball field, making sure to not to get distracted by the beer sale going on at a local liquor store on her way.”

Honestly we like Christina…crossing fingers Your Body turns out better than the critics predict.

On to the bizarre portion, Queen Elizabeth II, 86  was photographed over the weekend wearing what looks like a gray hoodie behind the wheels of her Range Rover. Perhaps this was her way of taking the attention away from her grandson Harry who had too much fun running around nude in Las Vegas. Good plan. LOL

Christina Aguilera “Your Body”
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