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Matisyahu Gives Lucky Atlanta Fan a Private Show at Her Home

Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu performs acoustic set with guitarist Dave Holmes at a home in Atlanta’s Grant Park neighborhood

Atlanta – Before reggae, rock, beatbox artist Matisyahu hit the stage at the Masquerade in Atlanta last Thursday night he played a very low-key acoustic set for one lucky gal (and all her friends and family) at a house in ATL’s Grant Park neighborhood.

High school teacher Bernadette O’Neill, 24, won a national competition leading up to the release of Matisyahu’s latest album “Spark Seeker” that landed the gold-certified recording artist in her living room.

“I just entered a confirmation code that I pre-ordered the album,” O’Neill said. “They drew it at random, and as long as I could meet the qualifications [like having a place for him to play] I won.”

Its not everyday you have an international recording artist pull up on a Harley in front of your house for a personal concert, but for this self-proclaimed “biggest fan” it was yesterday’s reality.

With his five-year-old son in tow, and supported by Dub Trio guitarist Dave Holmes, Matisyahu mingled, signed autographs, posed for family pictures, and took requests for the three-song set.

He kicked things off with “sunshine” at the O’Neill’s request, beatboxed with her little brother, and downed a couple glasses of white wine before roaring across town to hit the stage at the Masquerade.

Source: Clay Duda, Creative Loafing

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