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Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Share Intimate Photos And Letter

Willow Smith and her mother Jada Pinkett Smith were in the sharing mood this past weekend on Twitter and Instagram. First Willow shared a very odd yet interesting letter she wrote to the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Jada and Tupac were very close friends and who many believed dated. After the rappers death in 1996 there were relentless conspiracies insisting he was alive somewhere. Jada’s daughter appears to believe this conspiracy and also believes her mother would be more happy if the rapper was around. Huh?

“Dear Tupac,

I know you are alive some place! I think that my mommy really misses.
Can you please come back. Can you come back so momy and me can be happy!
I wish you were here….
I really Do!



In her defense, Willow who’s 11-years old wrote the letter years ago. However it is troubling that given the constant rumors of divorce surrounding her parents that the intimacy of this letter should have remained private….. Jada, perhaps in an effort to curb the backlash, posted some beautiful photos of her family on Instagram. The photos show Willow minutes after her birth, Jaden holding baby Willow, Will and Jada on their wedding date and many more. The photos offer a wonderful glimpse into the life of the Smiths – the Tupac letter we can do without.

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