Janelle Monae’s Sexy CoverGirl Photo Shoot


Equally gorgeous and hip, Janelle Monae is the new celebrity spokesmodel for the CoverGirl makeup line—and we have some pictures and video from her CoverGirl photo shoot.

Janelle, 26, has an undeniable style that is apparent from just a few seconds of listening to her music, or just a glimpse of her funky, beautiful visage. Monae joins a tradition of women of color who have pushed the CoverGirl line, from Tyra Banks to Queen Latifah.

In the video below, we hear Monae’s musical partners talking about her style, her drive, and what makes her so cool and beautiful. She brings the signature black-and-white suit combos and the pompadour along with her to the photo shoot. It’s all fun and sexy. Also check out the pics Janelle posted to Pinterest.

Congratulations, Janelle Monae, for always making it look easy, breezy and beautiful.

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