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Jamaica Hopes Usain Bolt’s Victories Translate into Visitors

Usain “Lightning” Bolt’s electrifying victories in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×100 relay at the just-concluded 2012 London Games have earned the Jamaica-born sprinter plenty of plaudits – including his own declaration, “I am now a living legend. Bask in my glory.” Now, the Jamaica Tourist Board is hoping that living legend aura will boost visitor interest in Bolt’s home country.

“Interest that has already been created by our sprint legends throughout the years has come to a crescendo with Usain Bolt’s unique defense of the titles,” minister of tourism Wykeham McNeill told “The impact of his sprinting will have an effect on the island for many years to come and will help Jamaica attract more and more sports travel tourists.”

“If you couple this with the outstanding performance with our other athletes both men and women plus the 1-2-3 last night we are in a unique position to market Jamaica as THE centre of excellence.”

Bolt is no stranger to selling his country’s charms: The tourist board tapped him for three promotional videos in 2010, and several recent stories have focused on Jamaica’s lesser-known Trelawny Parish, the area in which the 26-year-old runner grew up…

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