Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Take in ‘Fela!’ on Broadway

Kim Kardashian and her beau Kanye West made it a Broadway date night yesterday, taking in the musical Fela! at the Al Hirshfeld Theater in New York City.

The two have literally been stalked by paparazzi across the ends of the earth—from Europe to California to New York.

While Kim and Kanye haven’t seemed afraid of the camera, they apparently weren’t in the mood for a scene after the play. They ducked out of the theater quickly after the play to avoid the attention—likely stunning the paparazzi.

Kim also needed to let the world know about a new business move, via Twitter.

“Dolls! My fragrances are now available at selective Icing stores nationally!” Kim tweeted.

Later in the day, Kim tweeted a famous Beyonce lyric from her song “Love on Top.”

“Baby it’s you. You’re the one I love. You’re the one I need. You’re the only one I see. Come on baby it’s you,” Kim wrote.

Directed maybe at Kanye?

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