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Kris Humphries Takes Aim At Jay-Z And Kanye West On Twitter

Kris Humphries is in a good mood after signing a $24 million two-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z has a minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets making him one of Kris’s many bosses. Here’s the snag, Jay-Z’s bestie Kanye West is now dating Kris’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Kanye hates Kim’s ex boyfriend so much that he dissed him in a track called “Way to Cold”.

Kanye rapped on ‘Way too Cold”,  “I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim around the same time she had fell in love with him / Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do you thing / Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.”

A new contract worth $24 million can make a guy forget about your ex-wife threatening to get you fired. After landing his contract Kris tweeted,

“@KrisHumphries I’m up at Brooklyn! @SC “lucky I didn’t have Jay drop me from the team” lol!”

Have to give credit to Kris for making the bold statement! LOL

It’s likely Jay-Z didn’t have much to do with him staying on or off but the general manager Billy King vouched for Kris,

“Kris has been a very consistent player for us over the past two years. He has developed into one of the top rebounding forwards in the league, and we are very pleased to welcome him back.”

This round goes to Kris.

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