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Mass. Cop Accused of Calling Red Sox Carl Crawford A Racial Slur

A Massachusetts police officer is being investigated after he was accused of directing racial slurs at Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford last week while Crawford was on a rehab assignment.

Crawford was on a rehab assignment in New Hampshire with the Portland Sea Dogs when he reported a heckling fan called him a “Monday,” which can be a derogatory term for blacks as it is associated with Mondays being one of the least-liked days of the week.

According to, Leominster, Massachusetts Mayor Dean Mazzarella said the patrolman is on vacation and will be put on desk duty when he returns next week. The mayor expects the city’s inquiry to conclude by Tuesday, and officials hope to interview Crawford as part of their investigation.

Mayor Mazzarella will hold the final say, and said the officer’s punishment could include anything from suspension to termination. The city’s police chief is conducting the investigation and will recommend a course of action to the Mayor.

The officer, whose name has been disclosed until the investigation is complete, is a 5-year force veteran with no previous disciplinary issues. The officer was off-duty when the alleged slurs were aimed in Crawford’s direction.

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