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Missy Elliot Sues Dealership For Refusing To Ship Lamborghini

Female rap icon Missy Elliot is suing Fox Valley Motor Cars in Illinois for failing to deliver her $376,000 matte white Lamborghini Aventador as scheduled. Elliot, who lives in Florida, traded in her 2005 Bentley and paid $30,000 as a down payment on the new Lambo.

According to TMZ, when Elliot did not receive her vehicle by mid-2012 as agreed upon in the contract between the two, she contacted the dealership. The dealership refused to ship the vehicle, claiming that the market value had risen therefore Elliot needed to fork over a lot more cash.

Elliot has refused to do such, and is now suing the dealership for breach of contract, for damages, and for her Aventador.

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