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7 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship

Once you’ve found “the one”, a lifetime of love hardly seems like long enough. And since dating royally blows, you’ll want to make your relationship last. But how? Is there a magic formula? In short, the answer is no, but psychology has some ideas.

According to Psychology Today, love is one of the most widely studied and least understood areas of psychology. While science has yet to come up with all the answers, psychology has proven time and time again that lasting love requires nurturing.

Check out these 7 methods for nurturing your relationship:

1. Have sex
Nothing like cutting to the chase, huh? I know, you’re completely spent by the end of the day. Twenty seconds lying in the horizontal position and you’re already sawing logs. I get it, but consider this; sexual intercourse helps maintain feelings of intimacy and happiness that stand the test of time.

2. Spend time together
Remember early on when you were both dying to spend every waking moment together? Now you’re lucky if you can squeeze in a meal together. While no one is asking you to ditch the kids and work in favor of each other, make togetherness a priority. It doesn’t even matter how you spend your time, just so long as you’re together.

3. Think happy thoughts about your partner
According to Psychology Today, folks in lasting relationships engage in “sentiment override”, meaning they remember more positive than negative experiences about their partner. Choosing to focus on your partner’s annoyances hinder feelings of gratitude and positivity toward your partner.

4. Show some love
Never underestimate the power of affection in your relationship. Comforting hugs, tender kisses, and even listening touches speak volumes to your partner without saying a word.

5. Be happy
People who have positive feelings toward life actually have stronger feelings of love toward their partner! Just as negative feelings about life can affect your relationship negatively, positive feelings can affect your relationship positively. Engage in activities that bring you personal joy, and reap the benefit of personal passion with your partner.

6. Get flirty
Show your partner they’ve still got it with a little innocent flirting. A naughty squeeze, playful text, or extra long kiss is just what every relationship needs to keep those embers burning.

7. Miss your partner
Sure, he’s only at work, but that doesn’t mean he’s far from your thoughts. Up the aww factor and let him know he was missed.
What are your tips for making love last?

Source:Lori Garcia, Yahoo

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