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iPhone 5: Top Rumors

One artist's concepts for iPhone 5 versions

After unveiling a marginally improved iPhone 4S in 2011 instead of a radically different iPhone 5, Apple has returned to its development labs to cook up (no pun intended) the next iteration of its popular phone. In 2012, we’re fairly certain that the real iPhone 5 will roll out of Apple’s gates and that the device should be a bigger leap forward than the 4S was.

That’s why after taking some time off at the end of last year, we’ve resurrected CNET’s iPhone 5 rumor roundup to cover the new tidbits from 2012. So join us again in watching the rumor mill churn. We’ll add to it until we get the real thing; please let us know if we’ve left any gossip out.

June 21, 2012
It’s a world phone
In addition to having a new design and a slightly larger screen, the next iPhone will support global LTE networks, making it a true world phone. And by keeping support for 3G networks, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu says that Apple will be able to support the Chinese market.

June 20, 2012
A smaller dock connector
TechCrunch reports that three independent manufacturers have affirmed that the next iPhone will have a smaller 19-pin port. According to earlier rumors, this type of connector is supposedly going to make its way into all of Apple’s future mobile devices. While the 30-pin connector is what the iPhone maker has been using for years, a smaller port will create more space in the internal structure of the device.

June 18, 2012
After WWDC 2012, more rumors spread about a bigger iPhone
Now that software developers are getting their hands on iOS 6, more hints about the new iPhone are emerging. Most notably, of a new Auto Layout feature that lets developers set parameters for certain UI elements. According to one developer that TechCrunch spoke to, Auto Layout is a necessity for Apple before it can launch devices with different resolutions — implying that perhaps the next generation may have a different resolution than the last.

June 14, 2012
You may be able to swap out the camera lens
In a move that sounds nothing like Apple, a published patent application suggests that the new iPhone’s back panel would be removable, allowing users to switch out the camera lens. This is highly unusual, since Apple has always shipped its handsets completely sealed.

Source: CNET

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