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Beyonce's Sister Solange Knowles Slams Natural Hair Advocates

Beyonce’s younger sister Solange Knowles has long remained under her shadows. For years after Beyonce took the stage with Destiny’s Child and later solidified her status as a pop star with a solo career, Solange still fought for a voice. But something happened a couple years ago, Solange managed to quietly yet confidently carve out her own lane. She insisted she didn’t desire Beyonce’s life and/or career but it was more than her music it was her style. Solange quickly became known as the risk taking fashion-forward Knowles (the anti-Beyonce) with her natural hair and ethnic leaning fashion – and it worked. As with all things however, that title came with its burden and she was tired of it.

Last Thursday the spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter and Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Movement (from permed to natural) had more than a few things to say to the “natural hair police of the world” – her Twitter words, not ours. Read the tweets below:

Did we forget to mention that Solange is the face of the Transitioning Movement? Wait…we’ve already stated that fact. Note to celebrities – when you’re having a bad day STAY OFF  Twitter!!!

Sidenote: We absolutely love and adore Solange’s style. 🙂

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