Super High Heels: Is The Hell Worth The Height?

For all of my high heel years my mother has nitpicked at my just-because or going-to-the-grocery wearing heel moments—as a rule. Her persistence for making snarky comments about the height of my heels has been stellar.

“You’re going to throw your back out of alignment,” she annoyingly shared.

“You’re already six feet tall, why do your heels have to be so high?” (FYI: I’m not; I’m six feet tall in high heels…)

“You’ll regret it later.”

Per usual, unfortunately, she may have a point. Beyond her lifetime membership of mothers always being right, there is scientific evidence that variably elongating your stems, regardless how fierce the shoe, is not good for your health.

The short of it: high heels beyond two inches (so unfair) can cause ankle sprains, bunions, hammer toes, shortened calf muscles, torn Achilles tendons, and stress fractures.

Not too bad, huh? It’s not like you’re losing a foot? I kid, I kid…well, kinda.

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The worse of it:  osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and Freiberg infraction. Yikes!

On top of all those issues (trust me they are not good), you can also cause anterior loading or uneven dissemination of weight on the front part of the knee, strain on your hips, knees…wait for it…your lower back. Dang.

As we take a moment of silence for that tidbit of information, don’t file 13 the red bottoms just yet.

According to Frugivore Magazine we can preserve our high heel sexy in five doable ways, ladies:

Vary Your Choices and Styles
Switch up your shoes choices. Six inchers on Monday, sneakers on Wednesday, Doc Martins on Saturday.

Be Sure To Stretch
May sound silly, but stretching helps—do it!

Wear Insoles
Insoles can provide extra comfort than what the shoe provides. Stock up!

Pay Attention to Shape
Buy varied shoe shapes. One particular shape may not be the most gentle for your foot. Switch it up!

Visit a Chiropractor or Podiatrist
Keep your foot health in check!

Though I can confirm my mother is not behind this study, take note of this information. We only get one pair of feet. While there are no plans to get rid of my heels, I will listen to my mother more—on other subjects.

By Deidre White

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