Beyonce Revel Atlantic City: Singer Triumphs In Return To Stage

Beyonce Atlantic City – Beyonce is the best performer alive tweeted her husband Jay-Z, ‘I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna end mine. BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period.’ Four sold out shows within minutes in Atlantic City and Jay-Z may be right.

The international pop star and new mother of four month old Blue Ivy Carter hit the stage for the first time in over a year and she’s allowed her fans to get an intimate glimpse into what it takes to prepare for a show that is compared to mega bands like U2 and Rolling Stones. The 30-year old star openly admits to being nervous and scared yet determined to do her job and inspire others to do the same. “What I’m trying to say in the show is, ‘Yes I had a baby. It just made me more grounded and more like you.”

“I’m scared…this is crazy. We usually have 2 months to do what we’re doing in two weeks. But what is new?”

Yesterday Beyonce released part one of ‘Making of Revel’

On the eve of her first show part 2 was released:

After the show reviews began coming: “I swear I’ve just witnessed the best concert ever,” tweeted entertainment blogger Miss Jia, who added managed to capture video of Beyonce performing Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor – see video below.

According to other concertgoers, there was tribute to Whitney Houston with “I Will Always Love You” and of course Bey’s biggest hits ‘Crazy In Love’, ‘Love On Top’, ‘Irresistible’ and ‘If I Were A Boy.’ She reportedly closed out her set with ‘Single Ladies’.

Watch Beyonce perform Hill’s ‘Ex-Factor’ below:

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