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Poll: Obama Ahead Of Romney in Virginia

A recent poll of voters in Virginia—a key swing state in the presidential race—has President Barack Obama leading former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney by eight points, according to the polling company, Public Policy Polling. The survey, conducted over the telephone, polled 680 voters through an automated telephone interview system from April 26 to April 29.

Obama leads Romney by eight points, 51-43 percent, which is up two points from last December. Each candidate has seen their support grow from within their own party: Democrats favored Obama 92-4, up from 88-9 in December; Romney’s lead with the Republicans is 84-9, up from 79-8.

In a statement released by PPP, President Dean Debnam said, “We have polled Virginia six times this election cycle and have found Barack Obama with a decent-sized lead over Mitt Romney every single time. Barring a big shift in the political climate, Virginia is likely to go for Obama again, and that’s going to make it very hard for Romney to score a victory in the Electoral College.”

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