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Extravagant 1st Birthday in Paris for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Twins

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon made sure their twin babies, Monroe and Moroccan, had the most luxurious first birthday that any toddler has ever seen. The birthday bash took place in a city known for its luxury, cuisine, and fashion. That’s right; the twins celebrated their very first birthday in Paris before they could even find it on a map.

Father of the twins, Nick Cannon, gave People a warning that the birthday would be “something special” but who really was expecting this? Toys and confetti engulfed the room, along with pink and blue balloons and custom-made French pastries. The birthday party also didn’t even seem fit for the young twins as extravagant wine glasses covered all the tables, rather than the typical plastic cups that would be used at most toddler birthday parties. Then again, most birthday parties aren’t being sponsored by an ultra-fabulous celebrity pair.

Last month Cannon told People, “We’re going away. We’re taking a break. It’s going to be exciting. We’re doing something special and unique.” Cannon made sure he stayed true to his word. Even the styling of the one-year-olds was exquisite as Monroe was dressed in a silky white floral pattern dress while her brother matched their father in an ivory suit.

However, a trip to the City of Love can’t just be for the kids. Nick and Mariah also made plans to celebrate their anniversary, which fell on April 30th. The couple left their luxury suite hand in hand as they journeyed over to the Eiffel Towel to renew their vows, dressed in the tradition all-white attire.

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