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Obama, Bush or Clinton: Who Put More Blacks at the Top?

There is an ongoing discussion regarding black hiring in the Obama Administration and this 2012 campaign which begs the question: How does President Obama rank when compared to Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush with regard to the number of blacks hired for top jobs in his Administration?

The current tally:

Obama 4 (in 3 years, 4 months)
Clinton 9 (in 8 years)
Bush 6 (in 8 years)

To be in the President’s cabinet means having the power to oversee billion dollar budgets and thousands of jobs.  Near the end of his first term, President Obama currently has one African American in a top level cabinet position: Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder oversees a budget of $27 billion and over 111,000 employees after the President appointed the first black Attorney General in history.

Though the United Nations Ambassador, U.S. Trade Representative and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator are not technically members of the President’s 15 person cabinet, all three are top high ranking positions frequently referred to as “cabinet level.” The difference between cabinet and non-cabinet or “cabinet-level” is considerable in terms of budgets and staff.  President Obama has hired three African Americans to these positions. Lisa Jackson is the EPA Administrator, Ron Kirk is the U.S. Trade Representative and Susan Rice is the UN Ambassador. In total, President Obama has hired four African Americans to top positions in less than 4 years.

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  1. Clinton's three strikes you're out, locked more blacks up.

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