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Most Beautiful Paula Patton Discusses Beauty In Her No Make-Up Shoot

One of People magazine’s world’s most beautiful women of 2012, Paula Patton, discussed true beauty at her photo shoot for People’s “Most Beautiful” issue. She proves her beauty by taking on the photo shoot with no make-up, which Patton believes is a great honor. The stunning actress credits her husband of seven years, Robin Thicke, for making her feel truly beautiful.

After the release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol back in 2011, anyone who was not convinced of Patton’s sensational beauty clearly wasn’t in command of all her senses. A scene in the movie placed the lovely Ms. Patton in a fitted green mermaid style gown that only accentuated her flawless curves. Her physical beauty seemed to be enough to get the actress featured in the “Most Beautiful” issue, but what the cameras couldn’t capture on film was the sincerity of the actress’s inner beauty.

In a rather endearing interview, Paula Patton expressed to People that her mother was the first person that she ever thought of as beautiful. Patton went on to say, “She was gorgeous not only on the outside but on the inside as well.”

After being asked what her definition of beauty was, Patton offered a definition that was far from the typical Hollywood definition that is usually obsessed with physicality. With a glowing smile on her face, Patton answered, “Really as corny as it sounds, true beauty really comes from within and from a confidence within and a love of life and whenever I meet these people I always find them to be the most beautiful.” Even with this definition of beauty, the alluring actress would certainly still be guaranteed one of the coveted spots in the “Most Beautiful” issue of People.


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